• What is Crave Crush?

    It’s a lozenge that helps stop sugar cravings in seconds, as it dissolves on your tongue.

  • Is Crave Crush for you?

    It’s used by professional athletes striving to attain peak performance, hardcore fitness enthusiasts looking to get ripped, strict followers of reduced-sugar diets such as Zone and Paleo, and by men and women who simply want to curb their sweet tooth and reap the health benefits of a reduced-sugar lifestyle.

  • What causes sugar cravings?

    The taste of sugar makes you crave more of it. Sugar cravings start in the taste buds. When you bite into something sweet, sugar molecules activate sweet taste receptors on your tongue which, in turn, signal your brain. The brain recognizes these signals as sweet taste, and automatically triggers cravings for more.  The sugar in just one bite can activate sweet taste receptors for up to 30 minutes, triggering cravings that last just as long.

  • How does it work?

    Crave Crush binds to sweet taste receptors, suppresses sweet taste, and helps reduce sugar cravings in seconds.

  • How does it suppress sweet taste?

    Crave Crush contains gymnema (gym-knee-muh), a natural leaf extract from the gymnema sylvestre plant and a staple in eastern medicine for over a thousand years.  It is currently consumed in the US, the EU, and around the world. Gymnema binds to sweet taste receptors, preventing activation of these receptors by sugar molecules.

  • How often do you take it?

    Dissolve a Crave Crush on your tongue after any meal or snack. Use 2 to 3 times daily, or more, as needed.

  • How many can I take?

    Use daily, as needed, after any meal or snack. Crave Crush contains a small amount of zinc, therefore adults must limit use to 40 lozenges per day (but of course, you’d never need that many!)

  • For how long will it affect my sense of taste?

    Crave Crush will suppress your sense of sweet taste for up to an hour.

  • What's in it?

    Crave Crush is made from only natural ingredients: gymnema, zinc, sorbitol, and mint

  • Is it regulated by the FDA?

    Yes.  The FDA regulates all dietary supplements and dietary ingredients, including dietary supplement manufacturing and distribution. Although dietary supplements are generally not subject to FDA premarket approval requirements, they are regulated under the federal law to ensure the safety of such products.

  • How effective is it?

    Independent third party studies have demonstrated that on average, Crave Crush can significantly reduce consumption of high-sugar foods.  Results will vary depending upon the individual and how the product is used.

  • What about sugar substitutes?

    Sugar substitutes can trigger cravings just like sugar.  Crave Crush is equally effective for all sweeteners.

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